Hola, amigos. This here is my website. I’m pretty sick of fancy-ass “Flashy” websites and social -media, so I decided to out the middleman. I’m gonna bring you all the Marcus, with none of the hassle.
So feast your eyes on this and prepare to get rocked.
I mean HARD.

My Ride:

73 AMC Matador

My Job: Rockin' HARD!
Recorded Discography [TOP]

1989 Square Meal Demo (first recorded work)

1993 AnchoviSpitfireMayhem EP

1996 Dreamstation CD

1998 Nerve Demo

2000 Marginal Prophets "Bohemian Rap CD" 

2001 Hellbilly's Live 

2002 Brodie Stewart Band EP

2003 Gravity Demo

2004 Session "career" begins... Various recordings are done for commercials and other artists including En Vogue.

2005 Guitar Hero Video Game*, Karaoke Revolution Party Video Game

2006 *Drist CD "Orchids & Ammunition", *Guitar Hero II

2007 *Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's

2008 ***www.guitarinstructor.com Video Lessons; 2 technique Books for Hal Leonard
2009 ***Rock Guitar Heroics Instructional DVD, 1louderthan10, 

2010 Guitar Center Sessions clinics, various sessions, 

2011 **Zen and The Art of Shredding video series, Epiphone

2014 Omnivhore Debut Album coming Fall 2014

Pictures and stuff [TOP]

Stuff I use [TOP]
Guitar PU Config Pickups Fretboard Extra Features Future Mods
Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic H, S, S Anderson SC1, Rosewood Blower Switch, Chambered
Gibson Les Paul - Black H, H Bill Lawrence 500XL Rosewood Straplocks, Chambered
Fender Stratocaster ('62) H, S, S Seymour Duncan JB, Zexcoil SV5, SVO Rosewood Straplocks, All Graph-Tech Hardware
Yamaha Ty Tabor Signature H, S, S Seymour Duncan JB, Hot Rails Rosewood Coil Tap
Fender Big Apple Strat H, H EMG X 81, 85 Rosewood Strapolocks, All Graph-Tech Hardware
Squire Stratocaster S, S, S Stock Maple Tronical Auto Tuner
BC Rich Stealth H Dimarzio X2N Ebony Neck-Thru
Paul Reed Smith SC250 H, H PRS Humbuckers Rosewood Wide/Fat Neck
Epiphone Zakk Wylde LP H, H Gibson Burstbucker Pro's Maple Straplocks, Orange Cap
Epiphone Apparition (Proto) H, H EMG 81, 85 Ebony Floyd Rose, Kill Switch
Epiphone Apparition (#1 Custom Shop) H, H EMG 81, 85 Ebony Floyd Rose, Kill Switch, EMG Chrome
Epiphone Apparition (Drop C) H, H EMG 81, 85 Ebony Floyd Rose, Kill Switch
Epiphone Apparition (Slim taper) H, H EMG 81, 85 Ebony Floyd Rose, Kill Switch, Flat Neck convert to hardtail, dimarzios, coil tap switch, Ab Standard Djent beast
Epiphone Elvis Presley Acoustic Piezo - Rosewood Built-in Preamp
Epiphone Thunderbird Bass Bars Stock Rosewood N/A
Ibanez 5 String Bass Bar Stock Rosewood N/A
Amplifiers Watts/Config Control Unit
VHT Pitbull Classic Head 100/50
Diamond Phantom Head 100
Line 6 Flextone HD Head 100 FBV
Line 6 Spider Jam Combo Amp 50, 1X12 FBV
Digitech GSP1101 Preamp
Cabinets Speakers
Diamond Straight 4X12 Celestion V30's
Marshall 1960 A 4X12 75's
T-Rex Tone Tank Pedalboard
T-Rex Tremonti Phaser
ISP Decimator
Boss Metal Zone
T-Rex Reverb
Toad Works John Bull Overdrive
T-Rex Fuel Tank
Budda Bud-Wah
BBE Ben-Wah
Morley Bad Horsey 1 Wah
Morley Bad Horsey 2 Wah
T-Rex Overdrive
Soul-Cage Overdrive
Morley A/B Switch
Digitech RP 55
Boss TU-2 Tuner
Studio Equipment
Apple MacBook Pro 8GB Ram, 1TB Storage
Furman Power Conditioners
Audio Technica ATH-M50 Headphones
Audio Technica ATH-M35 Headphones
Apogee One Preamp
Audio Technica USB Mic
M-Audio Keystation 49
Audio Programs
Logic 9 Complete
Amplitube 3
SampleTank 2XL
Miroslav Philharmonik
EZDrummer 2
Solid Cables
George L's

Bio [TOP]

Marcus Henderson is a critically acclaimed rock and heavy metal guitarist from the San Francisco Bay area and has worked hard for years to make himself a respected name in the music community.

Henderson began making his mark with metal bands such as Drist and Hellbillys before moving on to session work with artists such as En Vogue and Simon Stinger. This would lay the groundwork for some of his most important work in 2005 where he was chosen to take the reigns as lead guitarist for the popular video game series, Guitar Hero. Here he recreated the sounds and styling’s of guitarists from Megadeth, Bad Religion, Ozzy Osbourne, The Ramones and Pantera amongst dozens of others.

Following the release of Guitar Hero II and its world-wide success, Henderson donated his White Flying V guitar he used during the making of the game to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio where it remains on permanent display next to guitars played by Jonny Cash, Joe Strummer and James Burton

After the world-wide success of Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s; with over 30 million copies of the games sold, Marcus worked with Epiphone to produce his own signature guitar, The Apparition where he could now share his unique sound with the world. After the release of his guitar, Marcus began taking his trademark sound and style to the masses where he toured guitar shops all over America, conducting full-band guitar clinics for kids and adults alike. During this time, Marcus also endorsed companies including Digitech, Dean Markley, Morley, EMG and Krank Amplification.

Upon completion of his first round of clinics in 2009, Henderson completed his filming of the guitar instructional video, “Rock Guitar Heroics” available through Hal Leonard Publishing.

It wasn’t long before the Henderson name would grace the credits of a music-related video game once again. Most recently, Marcus teamed up with Realta Entertainment for the November 19, 2013 release of BandFuse: Rock Legends.  

What's next for this San Fran Man of Mystery? Well it can't be said...because then it wouldn't be mystery. And no matter how you cut it, that's just not mysterious.

High Scores: [TOP]

Guitar Hero 1-3 - I played the shit out of this game early on medium level. I found that hard was just a little too much work for my fingers and I didn't want to fucking blow a knuckle out trying to get a high score when I can easily get much more frustration out of a real guitar.

RockBand - I didn't play a lot of rock band because of the time I was going to burnt a little guitar Hero overload but I love the idea of adding instruments and completing the band. Harmonix pushed the envelope of this game and I love to see what the future holds for rhythm games in general, if indeed a future exists.:\

BandFuse: Rock Legends - I put a lot of my heart into this one. Check it out if you get a chance.

Lego Star Wars - Great game to play baked out of your gourd. Grab a bud a do this! 
Beavis and Butthead for Sega Genesis - I finally finished this one couple years ago with a buddy of mine and it's way harder than it looks. You need a lot of help from the Internet and some of the puzzles are pretty cryptic but seeing GWAR is the sweetest reward in 90's video game history.

Madden '97 -  I consider myself one of the best in the county at this particular version of this game and I know I'm totally unbeatable on any given day. At one point I could routinely throw for like a 1000 yards in a game, come back from 56 point down with a quarter and a half left. Heroic shit like that. who was my team? Forty Fuckin' Niners as always.

Media/Interviews [TOP]








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